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“I thought I was dead to rights. I blew a .26 on the breath test which was over 3 times the legal limit. Somehow, James got the DA to agree to keep it out of evidence against me at trial. Plus, the civilian caller who followed me also showed up at trial and took the stand but James pointed out inconsistencies in his testimony. There was even a bad video but James totally turned that around on them.”

“James is totally together. He had the DA scrambling at trial. He’s a rock star! I give him 5 stars.” -Joey

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Massachusetts OUI Lawyer Dedicated to Defending Your Freedom & Future

OUI’s in Massachusetts follow you for the rest of your life. A conviction can result in losing your license and, more importantly, your freedom. Because of the serious, lifelong consequences at stake, now is the time to make the critical decisions you are facing correctly. You can’t come back later and have a do-over.

You need a dedicated, experienced OUI lawyer by your side.

Attorney James Dunn is focused 100% on defending against OUI charges in Massachusetts. There is no substitute for experience and training. Take the first steps to save your license and defend your rights by contacting us now.

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“We hired you for my daughter because you were genuinely interested and compassionate. Your answers to all our questions were detailed yet simple to understand. You kept everything on a positive note giving us comfort that we were represented by a knowledgable and professional law firm. Despite her accident and failed breath test, attorney Dunn achieved a dismissal of all the charges against her. Kudos for your efforts, compassion and a job well “Dunn.” -Frank C. (father of Christine).

“Attorney Dunn Won Me a Dismissal of All Charges” -Christine

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Being arrested for OUI is a nerve-wracking experience, especially for someone who has never been arrested before. We are proud to have helped hundreds of clients through this difficult time. Let us help you get back control of your life and put this nightmare behind you.

Because OUI’s in Massachusetts follow you for the rest of your life, there are critical steps we must take now to begin the fight to save your license and defend your rights.

Let’s get started. Contact attorney Dunn now.

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“Attorney Dunn was thoroughly professional from start to finish. I was worried about how it would turn out but he put me at ease. He did a great job at jury trial and dramatically caught the trooper in not just one but two lies. The jury didn’t like that at all! They found me not guilty of OUI and not guilty of reckless driving. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

“Attorney Dunn kept me at ease throughout. I couldn’t ask for a better result.” -Chris

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Attorney Dunn has handled OUI cases in virtually every court in Massachusetts, from the Berkshires to Gloucester to Cape Cod, and won over 75% of his trials. There’s an old saying, ‘You don’t hire a plumber to wire your house.’ When charged with OUI, you need an OUI lawyer.

The consultation is completely free. Call me. It would be an honor to represent you.

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Attorney James Dunn is an OUI / DUI lawyer who proudly and vigorously defends clients in OUI matters across Massachusetts



"I can't thank attorney James Dunn enough. He always listened and understood things from my perspective. He always responded quickly and answered all my questions. And he always gave me the best advice. James told me to fight the case from the beginning, even though there was an accident and a failed breath test. At trial, he kept the breath test out and won a NOT GUILTY!"

"Couldn't be happier with what he did for me!" -Cole


"James put my mind at ease from the very beginning. Was always available to answer questions and give me guidance, no matter how late I got home from work. Gave me solid advice and helped me make all the right decisions. Should I plead guilty or go to trial? Should I choose judge or a jury trial? Was right about everything!"

"Right about everything!" -John


"Excellent at what he does and kind to me as well. He knows his  job inside and out. I wish I could use Attorney Dunn for all my legal needs but he does OUI defense only.  He was personable, protected my money and watched over me. His job was to protect me. He did it and he'll protect you too."

"Excellent At What He Does!" -Derek

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