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  • Juan, 12.13.2022 Lawrence1st Offense – Not Guilty After Jury Trial
    Attorney Dunn saved my license and my job! I drive for a living and because James convinced the jury to find me Not Guilty after trial, he prevented a conviction on my record and I never lost my license. Now I can enjoy the holid…

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  • A.T., 11.30.2022 UxbridgeNot Guilty After Trial & License Restored Immediately Same Day
    James was on point from day one. He was always responsive and helped my fiancé make all the right decisions. He advised her to go to trial which we scheduled for the soonest available date. Then he won a …

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  • T.M., 11.8.2022 BarnstableNot Guilty 2nd Offense After Jury TrialLicense Restored
    Client admitted to drinking then failed roadside tests after cops found him sleeping in his car at the side of the road. Cops also noted that he had wet his pants. Then his license was suspended for 3-years after r…

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  • Mike, 11.4.2022 Dudley / East Brookfield / WorcesterNot Guilty 2nd Offense, License Restored
    Attorney Dunn saved my career! First, he convinced the judge to overturn my 3-year breath test refusal suspension and restore my license. Then, after representing me for 50 months because of COVID delays…

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  • Brandon, 11.2.2022 WorcesterNot Guilty 2nd OffenseLicense Restored
    Words cannot describe how incredible James Dunn is as a lawyer. I had been in an accident in March of 22’ where there was a vehicle parked on the white line on the right side of the road that I had hit at the top of a hill turnin…

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  • Rachel, 10.7.2022 Framingham / Natick
    From the second I spoke to James on the phone I felt comforted and relieved that I wasn’t facing this alone. He immediately went to work for me, met me hours later in court, and help put my mind at ease. He prevented a conviction from going on my record, avo…

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  • Cole, 9.28.2022 Somerville
    Accident, Failed Breath Test
    Not Guilty 1st Offense
    I can’t thank attorney James Dunn enough. He always listened and understood things from my perspective. He always responded quickly and answered all my questions. And he always gave me the best advice. James told me…

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  • Joe, 8.31.2022 Woburn
    Criminal Charges Prevented
    I can’t thank James enough. Police filed paperwork at court and wanted to charge me with OUI. At the first clerk’s hearing, James showed up ready for battle. He used the cop’s own report to make strong arguments that there wasn’t even enough to c…

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  • Harrison, 8.26.2022 Framingham/Natick
    Exceeded my expectations!
    James immediately answered the phone when I first called him at 6:45 AM. Then he met me at court, even on such incredibly short notice and before my case was called that morning, so I wouldn’t have to face the judge alone on my fir…

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  • E.C., 8.22.2022 Gloucester
    James was incredibly informative and gave me a realistic scope. He was calming but straight-forward and immediately answered the phone. He gave me confidence that it was someone who had dealt with this and was prepared.

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  • Sarah, 8.17.2022 Dudley
    5 of 6 Charges Dismissed
    Additional 4-Year License Loss Prevented
    I’m so grateful for the guidance and counsel by James in these stressful matters. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!
    “Thank you again for your representation!”
    “I feel like I can finally take …

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  • Denise, 8.2.2022 Brockton
    “Blessed to Have Found You”
    I can’t thank attorney Dunn enough. I was blessed to have found him to help our son. James answered the phone at 11 PM then met us at the courthouse early the next morning. He answered all our questions and helped us make all the right decis…

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  • Deborah, 7.22.2022 Framingham/Natick
    1st Offense, Lanes Violation
    Failed Breath Test
    Charges Dismissed!
    Cop saw Deborah cross marked lanes and pulled her over. He noted she was unsteady on her feet and her speech was slurred. After performing a field sobriety test, he decided to arrest her. A…

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  • J.M., 7.21.2022 Lawrence
    “Very Grateful for What You Did For Me”
    Attorney Dunn was great in my representation, and I am most grateful. He is thorough, intelligent and very compassionate. I appreciate his help very much in this very difficult situation.

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  • Sarah, 5.3.2022 Westboro/Worcester
    2nd Offense, .19 Breath Test
    Not Guilty After Jury Trial
    Police report indicated Sarah was unsteady on her feet, had a strong odor of alcohol, and  failed the one leg stand and walk and turn test.  At the station, she took the breathalyzer and blew a .19, alm…

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  • Tony, 3.23.2022 Wrentham
    Failed Breath Test
    OUI 2nd – Not Guilty
    Negligent Operation – Not Guilty
    Police report stated Tony was speeding, drove on opposite side of road briefly, had glassy, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, an odor of alcohol and admitted drinking. Then he failed both the roads…

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  • Amanda, 3.15.2022 Malden
    OUI 1st Offense Dismissed by Judge
    I was horrified when I visited Salem MA from Florida and was arrested for drunk driving by a very rude cop. James helped arranged it so that I never once and to come back to Massachusetts for court and he finally convinced the judge to…

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  • Jonathan, 3.10.22 Lowell
    OUI 2nd – Dismissed
    Speeding – Dismissed
    Lanes Violation – Dismissed
    Cop saw client speeding and unable to maintain lanes. Once stopped, they smelled alcohol and saw his bloodshot eyes. He admitted to drinking and was arrested after the field sobriety tests. I immedia…

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  • AJ, 2.11.22 Woburn
    Accident & Failed Breath Test
    Not Guilty at Trial
    After AJ rear ended another car, Trooper gave him three field sobriety tests and then arrested him. At the state police barracks, he agreed to take a breathalyzer test but failed it and lost his license. However, we ultim…

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  • Lisa, 1.31.22 Leominster
    Rolled Thru Road Block
    Not Guilty at Trial
    At a sobriety check point, Lisa rolled thru the stop sign, ignored initial contact and admitted to drinking. Officers noted an “overwhelming odor” of alcohol on her breath, red and glassy eyes and that her speech became increa…

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