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You wouldn't hire a plumber to wire your house, would you? When charged with OUI, hire an OUI lawyer. OUI law in Massachusetts is very complicated and changes constantly. Remember, OUI is all we do.

Operating under the influence (OUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), or driving under the influence (DUI) are all ways to describe the same thing: impaired driving. Impairment (or intoxication) may be the result of alcohol or another chemical substance (e.g., marijuana) or both. To be a criminal offense in Massachusetts, your blood alcohol content must be at or above the legal limit of .08, you have an illegal chemical substance in your system or your driving abilities were otherwise impaired.

In Massachusetts, there are many arrests made daily for OUI. Those arrested are often people like you and me: law-abiding citizens. Attorney Dunn works hard to help you beat an OUI charge or, at a minimum, get the best possible outcome in your unique situation. Contact us at 617-504-4881 to learn more about how we will help you.

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