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Not Guilty 2nd Offense - License Restored

Brandon, 11.2.2022 Worcester
Not Guilty 2nd Offense
License Restored

Words cannot describe how incredible James Dunn is as a lawyer. I had been in an accident in March of 22' where there was a vehicle parked on the white line on the right side of the road that I had hit at the top of a hill turning right to left (no other driver was involved). I immediately stopped and when police arrived to the scene I answered all questions directly and confidently. At the age of 27 I was facing a second OUI (first one was at the age of 18). I chose to refuse field sobriety tests, but I also refused the breathalyzer test. Due to a past OUI I was potentially facing a 2 year license loss for a 2nd OUI in MA, and a 3 year license loss for a refusal of a breathalyzer, total of 5 years license loss! I was facing the charges of a negligent operating, a 2nd OUI, and a marked lanes violation.

From day 1, and I truly mean DAY 1, James Dunn was responsive, communicable, supportive, transparent, and personable. I've never seen a lawyer like James. He was confident in his ability and preparation and I could see it. This relieved so much stress and worry for myself words could not describe. At every court date, Dunn was communicable and would send me an update on what to expect/what we are working for/and the reality of us winning the situation. As you could imagine court cases take a long time but before AND after EVERY single court date I was provided an update via email on what to expect and the next step that was not only extensive, yet promising. Prior to deciding to have James Dunn represent me I had met other lawyers who told me up front this court case would take over a year at the minimum. Fast forward 8-9 months after I chose to have James Dunn represent me, we had a pre-trial hearing. Not only did James Dunn question the arresting police offer to the fullest extent but also the DA. James Dunn came prepared, and came ready to defend myself confidently and the judge could see this. James Dunn not only proved me NOT GUILTY for the 2nd OUI, but also the marked lanes violation, and negligent operating.

James Dunn saved my life. Truly, he saved my life. The sheer embarrassment, loss of confidence, and the overall expenses I was facing I couldn't imagine that life if found guilty. I would recommend James Dunn to any person in any OUI case. Compared to my first lawyer I had at 18, James Dunn was the polar opposite, and gave me hope from the very beginning through his trust, confidence, preparation, and transparency.

Docket 20221102
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– Brandon

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