Brighton Division BMC


Brighton Division, Boston Municipal Court

52 Academy Hill Road, Brighton, MA 02135
The Brighton division of the BMC serves Allston and Brighton.

Cases We've Won at Brighton Court

Adam, Brighton
1st Offense, Speeding, Failed Roadside Tests
Not Guilty After Trial
Attorney Dunn was on my side from day one. We decided to fight the case and went all the way to trial. Although the cop lied on the stand, James showed the Judge video to prove I drove perfectly normal, spoke perfectly normal and looked perfectly normal and sober. The judge agreed and immediately found me Not Guilty!

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B.L., Brighton
1st Offense - Not Guilty After Trial
I couldn't be happier with what attorney James Dunn did for me. We took the case all the way to trial where he won a Not Guilty for me and prevented any additional license suspensions. Now I can put this whole thing behind me and focus on the future. I can't thank him enough for being there for me every step of the way and achieving the best possible outcome.
"I couldn't be happier!"

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