Fitchburg District Court


Fitchburg District Court

100 Elm Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420
This court serves Fitchburg and Lunenburg.

Cases We've Won at Fitchburg District Court

Terry, Fitchburg
5th Offense
Failed Breath Test
Jury: "Not Guilty" in 5 minutes
Terry faced a mandatory 2.5 year jail sentence if convicted plus a lifetime loss of license. He was stopped for speeding. Officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and that his speech was slow and slurred. He stumbled getting out of the car and did not perform well on the 9 step walk and turn test. On the one leg stand, he was unable to keep his foot up more than a couple of seconds despite multiple tries. At the station, he took the breathalyzer and failed. After keeping the breath test out of evidence, we went to trial. We stressed to the jury he pulled over promptly and safely, did the tests in heavy hiking boots in the cold at 1:45 AM and recited the alphabet correctly. He was found not guilty and Attorney Dunn convinced the judge to order the RMV to immediately restore his license.
No Lifetime License Loss
Per Terry: "It made a huge difference having a real lawyer at my side"
Joey, Clinton / Fitchburg
Breath Test .26
Not Guilty of OUI After Jury Trial
I thought I was dead to rights. I blew a. 26 on the breath test which was 3 times the legal limit. Somehow, James got the DA to agree to keep it out of evidence against me at trial. Plus, the civilian caller who followed me  also showed up at trial and took the stand but James pointed out inconsistencies in his testimony. There was even a bad video but James totally turned that around on them.
"James is totally together. He had the DA scrambling. I give him 5 stars."
"He's a rock star."

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