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T.M. - Barnstable
Not Guilty 2nd Offense After Jury Trial
License Restored
Client admitted to drinking then failed roadside tests after cops found him sleeping in his car at the side of the road. Cops also noted that he had wet his pants. Then his license was suspended for 3-years after refusing the breath test. Attorney Dunn won a Not Guilty at jury trial then immediately filed a motion and convinced the judge to order the RMV to restore client's license.
"Saved my license and career! Wish I could give you 10 stars!"

Docket 20221108
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Judge's Order 20221108
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Jeffrey - Salem
Accident, .19 Breath Test
Not Guilty 2nd Offense After Jury Trial
Jeffrey rear ended a large truck and tried to drive away but was unable to get very far. His breath test was 2 1/2 times the legal limit. We immediately filed a Motion to Preserve the Booking Video which showed him speaking and walking perfectly normally. After the breath test was thrown out, he chose trial where both the police and a civilian witness testified against him. However, attorney Dunn convinced the jury to find him not guilty.
"Represented me for 26 months and never asked for more money!"

Docket 20211026
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Brandon - Worcester
3-Car Crash
Not Guilty - Second Offense
Client crashed into two parked cars. Police observed an odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot and glassy eyes and said he was swaying in a circle. Attorney Dunn argued that after being hit in the face with an airbag from the steering wheel, anyone would be disoriented and have red eyes. The judge agreed and found our client not guilty after trial. Then attorney Dunn immediately filed a motion and convinced the judge to restore client's license.
Won a NOT GUILTY. License restored! Prevented additional two-year license loss!

Docket 20221102
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