Somerville District Court


Somerville District Court

175 Fellsway, Somerville, MA 02145
This court serves Medford and Somerville.

Cases We've Won at Somerville District Court

Jena, Somerville
Second Offense, Crash, Failed Roadside Tests
Not Guilty & License Restored After Trial
I'm extremely grateful for what attorney James Dunn did for me. He answered all of my questions and was thorough and clear so that I understood everything that was going on. It's a stressful situation and he handled it very calmly.
He was able to plead my case and I was found not guilty thanks to him!
After winning the not guilty, he immediately filed a motion and convinced the judge to order the RMV to lift the 3-year breath test refusal suspension and reinstate my license.
He was extremely prepared every step of the way and was very responsive via text/calls/emails.
I couldn't be happier with what James did and certainly recommend him to anyone facing an OUI charge in Massachusetts.

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Judge's Order 20230725
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Docket 20230725
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Cole, Somerville
Accident, Failed Breath Test
Not Guilty 1st Offense
I can't thank attorney James Dunn enough. He always listened and understood things from my perspective. He always responded quickly and answered all my questions. And he always gave me the best advice. James told me to fight the case from the beginning, even though there was an accident and a failed breath test. At trial, he kept the breath test out and won a NOT GUILTY!
I couldn't be happier with what he did for me.

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