Woburn District Court


Woburn District Court

30 Pleasant Street, Woburn, MA 01801
This court serves Burlington, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn.

Cases We've Handled at Woburn District Court

Kevin, Woburn
2nd Offense, Admission to Drinking, Failed Roadside Tests
Not Guilty After Jury Trial, License Restored

Client was facing at least 5 years without a license after police said he failed multiple roadside tests and admitted to drinking. At trial, however, attorney Dunn showed the jury booking video that proved Kevin had no balance problems whatsoever, and that he looked and behaved completely normal and sober. The jury agreed and quickly found him Not Guilty. Attorney Dunn immediately filed a motion and convinced the judge to restore Kevin's license.

Docket 20231128
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Judge's Order 20231128
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J, Woburn
1st Offense - Admission to Drinking - Not Guilty After Trial!

A 911 caller reported that client almost collided with them on the freeway. Cops noted a "strong and pungent" odor of alcohol and client admitted to a couple beers before and a few beers during a sporting event. At trial, we argued that client stopped promptly when cops turned on flashing lights, there was no slurred speech and that he passed the one leg stand test. Not guilty!

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Joe, Woburn
Criminal Charges Prevented
I can't thank James enough. Police filed paperwork at court and wanted to charge me with OUI. At the first clerk's hearing, James showed up ready for battle. He used the cop's own report to make strong arguments that there wasn't even enough to charge me with any crime in the first place, and certainly not enough to ever convict me. The court clerk agreed and said no charges would be filed.
"Best outcome possible!"
"I'm ecstatic with what you did for me!"

AJ, Woburn
Accident & Failed Breath Test
Not Guilty at Trial
After AJ rear ended another car, Trooper gave him three field sobriety tests and then arrested him. At the state police barracks, he agreed to take a breathalyzer test but failed it and lost his license. However, we ultimately managed to have the failed breath test result excluded from the evidence against him. At trial, attorney Dunn then convinced the judge to find him not guilty.
"Best Legal Advice Ever!"
"Saved My License and Saved My Job"

Steve, Woburn
Failed Breath Test
Speeding 20 MPH Over the Limit
Not Guilty - 1st Offense
'James Dunn is a great lawyer. He was diligent and communicative throughout the whole process. He always advised me to take my time and think through all the options and outcomes. He worked hard to win my case and made me feel like I was his only client. I wholeheartedly endorse him. A great and patient lawyer that will work hard to get you the outcome you hope for.'
"Attorney James Dunn made me feel like I was his only client"

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