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Worcester District Court

225 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608
The Worcester District Court serves Auburn, Millbury, and Worcester.

Cases We've Handled at Worcester District Court

C.M., Westboro / Worcester
2nd Offense - Case Dismissed
Client was facing at least 5 year license loss and chose to fight the case. At a hearing for a motion to suppress evidence, attorney Dunn convinced the judge that all statements made by his client should not be used as evidence. The prosecutors then conceded they did not have enough evidence to proceed to trial and assented to a motion to dismiss the case before trial. Attorney Dunn then convinced the judge to order the RMV to reinstate his client's license.

Docket 202300428
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Motion and Judge's Order 20230428
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Brandon, Worcester
3-Car Crash
Not Guilty - Second Offense
Client crashed into two parked cars on way home from a gentleman's club. When police arrived, they observed an odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot and glassy eyes and said he was swaying in a circle. Attorney Dunn was able to get the officer to agree that he did not know where the parked cars had been before the accident and the officer even testified it was possible those cars had been parked partially in the travel lane on a dark street just after a turn. He then argued that after being hit in the face with an airbag from the steering wheel, anyone would be disoriented and have red eyes. The judge agreed and found our client not guilty after trial. Then attorney Dunn filed a motion and convinced the judge to restore Brandon's license.
Won a NOT GUILTY. License restored! Prevented additional two-year license loss!

Docket 20221102
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Mike, Dudley / Worcester
Not Guilty 2nd Offense, License Restored
Attorney Dunn saved my career! First, he convinced the judge to overturn my 3-year breath test refusal suspension and restore my license. Then, after representing me for 50 months because of COVID delays (and without ever asking for more money) he won a not guilty at trial and prevented any new license suspensions. I drive for a living and can't thank him enough for saving my license and my job.
Saved My License & My Job!

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Sarah, Westboro / Worcester
2nd Offense, .19 Breath Test
Not Guilty After Jury Trial
Police report indicated Sarah was unsteady on her feet, had a strong odor of alcohol, and  failed the one leg stand and walk and turn test.  At the station, she took the breathalyzer and blew a .19, almost two and one half times the legal limit.  In the almost two years it took to reach trial, Aty. Dunn negotiated the exclusion of the breath test and then convinced the jury there was reasonable doubt.  Not guilty of OUI 2nd offense and not guilty of reckless driving.
From Sarah: "I'm so relieved!"
"I can finally move forward & do all the things I want in life"
Alex, Worcester
Mandatory Jail Avoided
No License Loss
No Fines or Conviction
Alex was caught driving after his license was suspended for OUI. This charge requires a mandatory minimum jail sentence of at least 60 days up to two and one half years upon conviction, an additional one year loss of license and thousands of dollars in fines and fees. Incredibly, attorney Dunn was able to obtain the following disposition: all charges dismissed outright, no license loss, no fines or fees, no conviction.
Jimmy, Uxbridge / Worcester
OUI 2nd Offense Dismissed
2 Other Charges Dismissed
"James went way above and beyond my expectations. They take their work seriously and obviously enjoy what they do. I could tell people in the court respected him. I was even willing to take a year or two of probation but didn't have to because they got all 4 charges dismissed. Any further delay would have led to the loss of my job. My boss had been patient but that had run out. Now I can focus on my work and family again without this hanging over my head.
"You Can have total confidence in him."

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