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  • Felix, 12.21.21 Lawrence
    Road Block
    Preserving Body Camera Video Won a Not Guilty
    Felix was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint. Because English is not his first language, he refused to do the ABC test. Trooper then decided to arrest him.  We immediately submitted a motion to preserve the body ca…

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  • Terry, 12.8.21 Fitchburg
    5th Offense
    Failed Breath Test
    Jury: “Not Guilty” in 5 minutes
    Terry faced a mandatory 2.5 year jail sentence if convicted plus a lifetime loss of license. He was stopped for speeding. Officer noted a strong odor of alcohol and that his speech was slow and slurred. He…

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  • Sarah, 11.9.21 Concord
    Blood Test 2X Legal Limit
    Failed 3 Field Tests
    Jury: Not Guilty 2nd Offense
    Cop saw Sarah cross marked lanes 5 times. Her speech was slurred and she failed all the field tests. After refusing the station breath test, we overturned her 3-year RMV suspension so she drove …

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  • Jeffrey, 10.26.2021 Salem
    Accident, .19 Breath Test
    Not Guilty 2nd Offense After Jury Trial
    Jeffrey rear ended a large truck and tried to drive away but was unable to get very far. His breath test was 2 1/2 times the legal limit. We immediately drafted and submitted a Motion to Preserve the Bo…

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  • Kevin, 9.1.2021 Lowell
    OUI Dismissed
    Reckless Driving Dismissed
    Speeding 87 in a 65 Dismissed
    I haven’t stopped smiling since Attorney Dunn got all the charges against me dismissed. After representing me for almost two years, he marched into the trial court room ready to fight. He actually lo…

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  • Chris, 5.14.2021 New Bedford
    3rd Offense Reduced to 2nd
    Then All Charges Dismissed
    ’Cop wrote that I had an extremely strong odor of alcohol, red, glossy and bloodshot eyes and ordered me out of my car. After the arrest, they found two alcohol nips in the front seat area. During the year and a…

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  • G.B, 8.30.2021 Taunton
    “God Bless Attorney Dunn”
    James Dunn explained everything to me step by step and was very patient. I was so grateful for his being there. The outcome was positive especially with the dismissal of the reckless driving charge and  no travel restrictions. God Bless Attorney …

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  • Doran, 7.28.2021 Falmouth
    Not Guilty 1st Offense
    No License Loss
    No Criminal Record
    “I fell asleep at the wheel at 3 AM and hit a wall. I was taken to the hospital and later received a Summons with three charges. In the almost two years it took to go to trial, James was on top of every detail…

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  • K.D., 7.1.2021 Belchertown
    I was only 20 years old when arrested for OUI and failed the breath test at the station. That caused a 180-day license loss but attorney Dunn showed me how to avoid that. Then, on the day of his motion to suppress the breath test, he convinced the DA to drop the OUI co…

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  • David, 6.8.2021 Quincy
    Not Guilty 2nd Offense
    Judge Orders License Restored
    James Dunn is master at what he does. He kept me informed every step of the way during the two years it took to go to trial and helped me make all the right decisions from day one. We declined the DA’s offers to settle…

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  • Donald, 5.25.21 Boston/Charlestown
    Failed Breath Test & Roadside Tests
    OUI 2nd Offense – All 6 Charges Dismissed
    Attorney Dunn went beyond my wildest expectations. He was always with me in court, always on time and always prepared. He never gave up fighting for me for almost two years.  I …

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  • Kathy, 7.6.2021 Falmouth
    “James Got The Judge to Agree Everything”
    I can’t say enough how well my case was handled by attorney Dunn. So professional, informative and all around a genuine lawyer. He came to court totally prepared and ready and checked in with me every step of the way. In the end…

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  • Joey, 8.15.2019 Clinton/Fitchburg
    Breath Test .26
    Not Guilty of OUI After Jury Trial
    I thought I was dead to rights. I blew a. 26 on the breath test which was 3 times the legal limit. Somehow, James got the DA to agree to keep it out of evidence against me at trial. Plus, the civilian caller w…

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  • Derek, 8.20.2020 Salem
    I Wish I Could Use Attorney Dunn For All My Legal Needs
    Excellent at what he does and kind to me as well. He knows his job inside and out. I wish I could use Attorney Dunn for all my legal needs but he does OUI defense only. He was personable, protected my money and watch…

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  • Jason, 1.28.2021 Stoughton
    6-Month Refusal Suspension Overturned
    James was quick with responses to e-mails and calls at any time or day. He was very clear with every aspect of the process and the steps needed to be taken. Incredibly, he was able to overturn my six-month refusal suspension so I …

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  • Christine, 1.27.2021 Lawrence
    Accident & Failed Breath Test
    Case Dismissed
    We hired you for my daughter because you were genuinely interested and compassionate. Your answers to all our questions were detailed yet simple to understand. You kept everything on a positive note giving us comfor…

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  • Jimmy, 1.9.2020 Uxbridge/Worcester
    OUI 2nd Offense Dismissed
    2 Other Charges Dismissed
    “James went way above and beyond my expectations. They take their work seriously and obviously enjoy what they do. I could tell people in the court respected him. I was even willing to take a year or two of …

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  • K.E., 8.27.2020 Orleans
    “Do yourself a favor – hire him!”
    James is a thorough professional. He showed me how to get back on the road again in just a few days.  Everything he told me turned out to be absolutely spot on.
    “I couldn’t believe how fast he worked for me”

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  • John, 8.21.2019 Lowell
    2nd Offense – Not Guilty
    License Restored Immediately
    “James put my mind at ease from the very beginning. Was always available to answer questions and give me guidance, no matter how late I got home from work. Gave me solid advice and helped me make all the right decisio…

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  • Bert, 5.30.2019 Natick/Framingham
    Failed Breath Test
    Not Guilty!
    Cop saw Bert cross marked lines 5 times and wrote he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol. Bert also told the officer he had his last drink 1 hour before the stop and was arrested after doing field sobr…

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